About Us

Quality Management

Without making concessions on our basic values:

  • We follow the innovations and technological developments in our sector and we continuously improve the quality of our works and products.
  • We research missing or insufficient sectors in Turkey; we institutionalize with our structure open to innovations and we continue to grow.
  • We work in coordination and we conduct successful organizations with correct planning, qualified and sufficient personnel.
  • We apply a modern management and operation system and we increase both domestic and foreign customer satisfaction.
  • We trust in a team work based on productivity, quality, individual competition and inspection with our inquisitive, experienced and dynamic staff and we are proud of being a lawful and transparent company



  • We always comply with all the regulations concerning the environment, labor health and safety for all our services provided and we always make an effort to improve the same
  • We determine the effects of our activities on the environment and we minimize such adverse effects, if any.
  • Durin our activities, we use energy and other resources effectively and we always take measures to save such resources.
  • When projecting, we keep our waste under control and we minimize air, water and soil pollution by means of proper techniques.
  • We conduct announcement, training and awareness raising activities for all the employees to maintain awareness of environment, labor health and safety.
  • When offering services, we protect our employees and the people who may be affected by our activities from work – related injuries and diseases.
  • We control and monitor any dangers from the beginning and continuously to protect both our property and others property; to conduct any required arrangements and we provide any possible protection during application stage.
  • We announce the effects of our services on the environment to the public opinion and we share any information with the relevant people.



We exist to manufacture and to create employment successfully and universally in construction business and tourism investment, adding technological development to our experience and dynamism. We meet the need for reliable and qualified contractors for the sector by our quality and honesty and we pro vide important contributions to our national economy.



ECETUR Company Group creates establishments that produce high quality goods and services in each sector they are included. They continuously grow and develop with their experienced, specialized and dynamic staff, as a successful respected, branded company.



As the employees of ECE TUR Companies Group, we are

  • Reliable
  • Hardworking
  • Honest
  • Open hearted
  • In solidarity and cooperation
  • Capable of communicating
  • Giving importance to love and respect
  • Reconciled with themselves and their circles
  • Having sense of responsibility
  • Creative
  • Seeing their future with the organization’s future
  • A family