About Us

Chairman’s Message

Thank you for visiting and exploring our web site we have built in order to introduce our firm, which is occupied with construction, tourism, foreign trade and energy.

I am happy to be existent in two principal sectors, one being tourism and the other construction, that are pioneering the change in Turkey in an age of information where globalization takes place and boundaries are departing one after the other leading with an increasing impetus to a single citizenship of the world. The main goal I have tried to determine for my colleagues that have taken pains with bringing forth the ECE TUR Group of Companies in these days is whatever the job to be done, it should be carried out according to technical, artistic and scientific rules, using the technological innovations, and by teamwork. Reliability of the work that is to be coming out depends firstly on their own taste, and completing it with enthusiasm and joy. I believe that development of the country is possible by making productions that are economical and capable of fulfilling their functions to the highest level. Economy is maintained by putting forward the best possible work at once, and in accordance with the suggested program. The most efficient precaution to prevent the country’s resources from extravagance is making the production with the quality and seriousness that lowers the repair and maintenance costs to the minimum level.

As it is in the words “Even if you are on the right way, but just sitting there doing nothing, you are sure to be crushed.” of Will ROGERS, I believe that we have to work very hard to reach the place we deserve in the changing world, raise the comfort level of our people, and maintain a happy tomorrow for our children.